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Should you move your UK pension to Canada

When you decide to move to Canada from another country you will be thinking of many things including finding a new house, schools for the kids, employment for you and moving your home contents, but may of us forget the things that are probably more important – what to do with our money. We think to transfer our bank accounts, we try to get good exchange rates for our fund transfers but have you thought about your pension? Probably not, because after all it is sitting in an account of one sort or another, just idling away waiting for you to retire and use it. But did you know you can transfer your British pensions to Canada?

There are many things to consider when undertaking moving a pension of any sort, so good financial advice should always be sought, but here we hope to answer some of the more obvious questions and put you on the path to deciding what is the best option for you.

Vincent Spadafora
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